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Maplewood Rookie Division

Even though Maplewood has "Independent" as part of our name, we are affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball. Our Rookie division however is a bit modified as compared to the official Cal Ripken guidelines for the Rookie division. MIYBL's Rookie division accepts players that are baseball 6 as opposed to just 7 & 8. We give our parents the choice of signing up their player to either Tee Ball or Rookie when they are 6. This provides a more challenging environment for the 6 year olds that may not be challenged enough in Tee Ball. We also have a set of local rules that apply to the Rookie Division to emphasize the instructional nature Rookie baseball is supposed to provide. You can find these local rules in our documents section. However, we do like to balance the instructional part of the game with the competitive aspect sports provides, so there are playoffs and a champion by the end of the Rookie season.

Some highlights on how our Rookie Division Operates:

  1. Games are scheduled for 6 innings
  2. First 3 innings are by pitching machine, last 3 are kid pitch.
  3. Batter has up to 7 pitches with the machine to put the ball in play or to make an out. No walks.
  4. There is a 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings.
  5. There is a 5 run limit per inning except the last.
  6. There are special base running rules where play is stopped to eliminate aggressive baserunners from enticing players to just throw the ball around likely making errors. See local Rookie Rules document* if interested.

For specific Rookie Division questions, Contact our Cal Ripken Divisions Representative. He/She can be located on our Board of Directors page.

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